About Ambrosia Fitness

Meet Christina Sandell, the founder of Ambrosia Fitness
A picture of a Yoga pose to showcase that yoga is a big part of Ambrosia Fitness.

Christina Sandel

Director of Ambrosia Fitness

At Ambrosia Fitness, we encourage customers to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle to take daily challenges with power. What sets us apart is our dedication to our customers and practitioners. We believe that everyone should have access to quality fitness products and classes, which is why we offer affordable options. We also believe in the importance of building a community, which is why we offer a variety of classes, events and blogs.

In terms of sustainability, we select eco-friendly and fashionable yoga accessories to help fitness enthusiasts gear up with positive vibes, such as cork or washable materials. We want to show the world that products made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials are just as good, if not better, than the norm.

With our sincere passion and believe, this is a beautiful journey to creating a platform for women to feel good, look good and enjoy shopping with confidence and delights.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team that will provide you with a unique fitness experience, look no further than Ambrosia Fitness!

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